Exactly one week ago from right now, I was sleeping in Ben Bruce’s bunk on their tour bus.

I miss it. Best birthday ever.

My 21st Birthday

Wow, I can’t believe how crazy it was!
Looking back on last night, it would have made an awesome movie since it was a lot like the Hangover!
We agreed that my birthday was like Vegas, meaning a lot that happened last night will stay between who was there. But here is what I can share:

We started by seeing the new Breaking Dawn part.1 movie! It was really really good.
Then more people showed up and we went to the cheesecake factory for dinner and drinks. Our waiter was so amazing! He did yoyo tricks for us and even surprised me with new yummy drinks. I had first a mojito, followed by a lemondrop, sex on the beach, tropical martini, and finally a sweat-tart.
After dinner we went to Cobra Lounge which is a hookah bar. But first we picked up a fifth of coconut rum and skyy vodka. The people at cobra closed off the upstairs for us so we could have a private VIP section. More people showed up and things got pretty crazy! Needless to say, we ended up getting kicked out after a few hours or so, haha.
After that a few people went home so there were only 3 of us left who weren’t ready to stop. I was so happy those two girls spoke their mind and were upset that it was ending for everyone. These two partied with me until the sun came up =]
So after that, we went to 7-11 to get more drinks and the guy wouldn’t let one of us use the bathroom…I’m not gonna say who did it, but said person then told the clerk that they were going to pee in front of the store since he won’t let said person use the restroom…said person totally did it and it was hysterical!!!!
Then we went to my friends’ studio downtown to drink a little bit more and fix our makeup before going out. We went to a gay club on Capitol Hill and danced for hours! We ended up meeting a few foreigners from Spain who also spike French so I spoke a little French to them but since I was so drunk it probably didn’t make sense, haha. We hung out with them for a couple hours downtown. Unfortunately I started to get toooo messed up so one of my friends helped me puke it out then bought me a sandwich. I felt MUCH better after that, haha.
It was such a crazy crazy night that I will never forget… Once I remember it all ;)

But that’s what’s suppose to happen on your 21st!

20th Birthday

I originally planned for something super fun and exciting to do this year that no one has done yet. I wanted to have an all out paint war in the local park. Unfortunately it’s balls cold outside, and the local art stores had no idea what powder paint is, so we have to shop online and do it some other warm time.

For my birthday dinner I wanted to go to the Cheesecake Factory. It’s not a super fancy place, but my girls and I go there every couple weeks or so, so It’s simply a place I really enjoy. It was my mom, step dad, baby sister, and my best friends K.Dean and L.Greenfield. We ordered spinach dip and crispy crab wantons (a MUST) as appetizers. And of course, I had to get a virgin mojito! Then for desert we all enjoyed a different flavor of cheesecake. I got the pumpkin and it was amazing! perfect size, too! I’m normally never able to finish a piece!

Afterward, us girls went to K.Dean’s house for a night of video games and simply fun. Our friend Alex showed up, who was super excited to find out that E was coming. They were apparently great buds in high school. It was so much fun! I was disappointed however, when two of my good friends never showed up once they found out we weren’t getting drunk. We asked if they were still coming and their exact response was, “um well are you guys drinking?”. We were all kind of pissed about that. It’s not like it was my BIRTHDAY or something, oh no. Once we said we weren’t drinking, they never responded until it was too late. Even though one of my friends bought me 38 FOUR LOKOS…..we weren’t drinking =]. But oh goodness gracious, I still can’t believe she spent over $100 getting me lokos since they are now illegal! I have no idea where to put them all, hahaha.

But at the end of the night/early morning, E was doing his Keanu Reeves impersonation, and Alex was doing his Black and Asian impressions. I have to this day, NEVER heard E laugh so hard at anyone!!! It was the funniest thing I have seen in so long. I had no idea E could laugh so high pitched! hahaha! K.Dean has two beds in her room so E and myself slept in one, while her and Alex slept in the other. It was so hard sleeping since we couldn’t stop laughing. And I feel bad that E only got two hours of sleep before he had to catch two buses to work! But it was really great spending the night with him again. I’m so happy that we are learning how to be in each others lives again.

Now for some pictures!


Today is my last day of being 19!

I will write a post after the weekend is over talking about it. but for now, here is a picture I just took of my last day as a 19 year old! Look at that hair getting long!